Dead Ringer, a Group show curated by Elizabeth Duffy at Bristol Museum of Art June 7-July 7 2019 /
Opening June 7 6:00pm - 8:00pm



See Art New England preview article here

Summer Show 2017: This One's for You at DM CONTEMPORARY June 16- September 16

Soul Searching at DM Contemporary November 11 - December 17 / press release here


DM CONTEMPORARY, in its commitment to being a platform for relevant art that embodies the mood and spirit of the moment, is thrilled to present Soul Searching - a group exhibition that opens in NYC on the Friday following Election Day. This will be a historically defining moment, consequential for a country whose soul lies bare after a punishing election year – it is a turning point with ramifications way beyond the country’s borders. 

Featuring six artists whose work directly addresses social, political, and environmental issues

"Cheryl Yun’s image-based sculptural objects or "products" simultaneously mirror and subvert fashion and consumer culture to reveal, question, and reevaluate one's relationship to the world. The ‘bikini chronology’ was ‘triggered’ by the Sandy Hook shootings. The pattern on each bikini is a heart wrenching juxta positioning of the weapon used by the perpetrators in each of the mass shootings since Sandy Hook, overlaid against a watercolor paintings by the artist’s daughter, who was about the same age as the Sandy Hook victims at the time of the shooting and who went to a school in CT not far from there. The series continues to grow, unfortunately, as the grim events, in which gun violence causes the death of innocent people, continue with geographical locations, such as Sandy Hook, Aurora, Charleston…"

Indian Summer Show at DM Contemporary september 9th - November 5th




FEATURING profiles of Cory Arcangel with Hans Ulrich Obrist, John Houck with Chris Wiley, Alek Parker with Aeriel Brown, Xavier Cha with Carmen Winant, and Trip Patterson with Mariah Ernst. A 24-HOUR ART PROJECT with Michael Bell-Smith, Lucas Blalock, Skyler Brickley, Ethan Greenbaum, Fabienne Hess, David Horvitz, John Houck, Boru O’Brien O’Connell, Hayal Pozanti, Will Rogan, Cheryl Yun and Cory Arcangel. And more!

see pdf of project



see images of the installation on flickr cycollection

39 East 29th Street opening Friday, February 7 6-9pm


PROLONGED EXPOSURE at Recession ART - Curated by Kaegan Sparks

Installation view of shopping bag installation and lingerie

Prolonged Exposure explores boredom and restlessness as charged affects, suspended between detachment and agitation, inertia and change. Works in the exhibition respond to potentially paralyzing states of waiting, idleness, distraction, and fatigue, urging viewers to consider new modes of attention.

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My video Purses is included in a screening at LAX art LA and Cabinet NYC - the "Double" Wed May 9, 2012

The Double is primarily a visual phenomenon making video a natural medium for its exploration. The earliest silent films recognized the inherent doubling that occurs through picture, investigating notions of an uncanny second self in films such as the The Golem and The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari.  Through doubling or mirroring, one is confronted with the illusion of wholeness, a dispersion of the self, and perhaps revelations or repressions of fears and desires kept hidden within the body. The Double can also represent an alter ego, a copy or forgery, or a false twin or Doppelganger. However, doubles are not exclusively physical in a bodily sense. Doubling may also be traced to the mode of production of the work, reminding us that the replication and dissemination of image is physical in its duplication as well. This lack of the original and multiplication of the double across the screen is exemplified in the bicoastal screening of The Double at LAXART in Los Angeles and Cabinet in New York.


Purses (still) 2004 1 minute, 11 second loop


An image from my new textile tapestry photo series is installed in the Bergdorf Goodman Window on 5th Avenue and 58th with JHB Galleries FALL 2011. See press release PDF

I have five works, both handbags and lingerie in the group show,"Dress Codes: Clothing as Metaphore" curated by Barbara Bloemink at the Katonah Art Museum July 12 - October 4th. The show highlights contemporary artists’ interest in the human body while also offering personal, social, cultural, political, and ethnic critiques.


See invitation PDF here / read a review of the show / Click here to read about Dress Codes: Clothing as Metaphor in The New York Times style blog The Moment.


To see images on flickr of the window display designed by for Pretty Things at ArtSpace, New Haven
click here- cycollection


Kabul Saddle Sac featured in American Craft Magazine's blog section announcing the group show, Vested Interest at the Micheal Kohler Art Center. Download a PDF

Check out installation shots for Cheryl Yun Collection: Mirror Repeat, Gallery 210 St. Louis, MI October 18th - December 8th
on flickr - cycollection

Two "schrapnel pieces" are included in the group exhibition, Well Dressed, curated by Randall Harris.
This exhibition explores the cultural, historical, spiritual and economic implications of attire and adornment.

A review of Cheryl's work is included in Carey Lovelace’s article, “Girls, Girls, Girls: Feminist Art’s Phases and Philosophies? Let Me Count the Ways” found in the June/July edition of , Art In America.